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Seven Days Fish Diet Plan


Seven Days Fish Diet Plan

Holiday season is almost over. Some of us forget our DIET routine, because of the sumptuous meals served over our buffet tables. Here's a quick diet program to lose the weight gain these past holidays.

Fish is one of the excellent natural sources of proteins and essential amino acids. Fish diet is considered as one of the ideal ways to reduce weight. Fish diet lasts for one week by following the same diet plan throughout the week which can shed 5.7 kilograms within seven days.

Fish Diet Plan

For breakfast:
Have 1 whole boiled egg with apple and green tea

For lunch or second breakfast:
Eat cooked lean fish of 200 grams plus cucumber and one glass of mineral carbonate water

For dinner:
Eat cooked lean fish of 200 grams again, 150 grams of cottage cheese which is fat-free, lettuce and green tea

Fish Diet to Lose Weight
Fish diet seems to be the ideal diet for weight lose because of its high protein content and amino-3 fatty acids. But the big question remains whether using fish diet for weight loss is healthy one or not? So here are few precaution and points to remember during fish diet.

You need to choose a good variety of fish. Consuming the exact same meal for continuous day may be quite difficult, so try to prepare in different way and add more variety.
Canned tuna seems to be the best because of its high content of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and low in calories, you can add other fresh fish to help you stay on diet.
Instead of going for fried dish go for baked and grilled fish

Warning and Precautions
This diet is not recommended for pregnant women because there is a high chance of getting mercury contamination which is injurious to the fetus
Avoid eating excess carp and catfish because these fish eat anything and accumulate pollutants and lots of dirt in their flesh. Limited eating may not harm much, but these fish should not be kept as the mainstay in your diet.