Who We Are



Eating the right food is a basic factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In line with this, we at Fish2Go, from the owners, service crew, production workers down to the farmer-suppliers share the same advocacy of providing our customers with heart-healthy food, organic yet reasonably-priced.

Rich in protein and omega 3, the grilled fish meals served by Fish2Go are also laced with organically-grown herbs. Committed to its advocacy, Fish2Go offers you a truly healthy option.

Fish2go Farm

Brief History

fish2go employees boneless bangus

In 2004, Fish2Go introduced an all-fish meal food outlet in Cavite.  As an option to the usual chicken and beef dishes, it served a wide selection of fresh, grilled fish dishes.

Its signature Fish2Go grilled Boneless Bangus, overlaid with Fish2Go Sauce, has gained wide acceptance among customers. 

Through the years, Fish2Go has built its own culinary identity, establishing itself as a premier food outlet in Cavite.

Today, Fish2Go has 26 stores in Cavite, Laguna, Paranaque and Makati.



Vision & Mission


Our Vision

Connecting and touching people of different cultures locally and overseas through healthy and tasty food and excellent service.

Our Mission

To establish a store in every important city or district in the Philippines.

Our Credo

We love good food and enjoy sharing them to people. We believe that we need to satisfy our customers in that their continuous patronage and word-of-mouth endorsement is our gauge of their acceptance and approval. We believe in satisfying our customers first before profit.

We treat our employees fairly as family. We believe in honesty and the value of work. We encourage our people to excel and achieve their maximum potential.

Finally, we believe in the grace of God to empower and sustain us.

Our Purpose

We exist to impact the lives of others by: providing healthy, tasty and reasonably priced food for our customers/friends; employment and livelihood to our partner- suppliers; sustainable income and employment for all our employees; and finally, reasonable return on investments for our stockholders and investors.